Climate measurement

Well measured is half won

An accurate climate measurement is the main thing of a successful drying process because what's the use of a modern control unit, if an inaccurate measuring sensor supplies the relevant values for the control unit?

BES Bollmann offers also here a solution for each application. For drying kilns with large volumes and/or valuable woods we recommend in any case the accurate climate sensor HT 68. For smaller drying kilns and/or if less valuable timber species are supposed to be dried also the EMC sensor HY 66.4 can be used.

Psychromat HT 68

With the electronic Psychromat HT 68 BES Bollmann supplies a precise and reproducible alternative in the field of air condition measuring. Changes of temperature and humidity will be passed on to the control system and processed there without any delays. Pedantic and annoying maintenance work belongs thereby to the past.


EMC climate sensor HY 66.4

As alternative to the electronic HT 68 BES Bollmann offers the EMC climate sensor HY 66.4. This climate sensor is equipped with a PT 100 for the temperature measurement and measures the humidity in the drying kiln by means of the measured electrical resistance at a sensor strip (Limba or cellulose). The sensor strip must be replaced after each drying process. Furthermore the contacts must be kept clean to avoid faulty measurements with this climate sensor. At measuring accuracy and comfort the HY 66.4 is struck around lengths by the HT 68, however the HY 66.4 is cheaper.