Moisture measurement

Wood moisture as drying criterion

The wood moisture is apart from the drying quality the most crucial quality criterion of the timber drying. A goal of each timber drying is to reduce the wood moisture so far so that it can be supplied afterwards to the respective subsequent treatment purposes. In the ideal case no humidity downward gradient arises within a board as well as all boards of a load have the same final moisture content. Who has already experience in drying timber knows how difficult this is because this is not only depending on an optimally functioning timber drying kiln. It is also very important how the initial moisture is varying at the beginning of the drying cycle.

A drying kiln contains normally several hundreds or thousands of boards and from practicabilities and cost reasons we only use a limited number of wood moisture probes to measure the wood moisture. From this reason these few probes have a special meaning. This begins with the selection of the materials and ends with careful setting of the measuring points.

BES Bollmann is therefore only using materials of first quality which has been proved its functioning for many years. The measuring probe cables are particularly shielded and temperature-resistant silicone cables in addition very flexible and thus ideally to handle. The measuring electrodes have a special coating to ensure that the wood moisture is measured exactly at the correct depth and not somewhere else. The whole connections to the control system are outside attached at the drying kiln to be not constantly suspended to the drying kiln climate.

How to place the measuring electrodes in the correct way you can reread at any time here.


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