Tromatci® 205 AM

Tromatic® 205 AM - The entrance class

The Tromatic® 205 is particularly suitable for smaller dryers and for those who just want to start with drying. With its large LC display as well as the function keys the equipment is very easy to serve. The computer-controlled control behavior is fully automatic and based on the measured wood moisture. Optimal drying programs can be prepared in simplest way on the basis of data such as timber thickness, final moisture content and the Bollmann specific index of the wood. The wood moisture is determined thereby at 3 measuring points and leads the drying process. Naturally programs can be amended and optimized at any time during a drying process.

Particularly suitable for:


  • Smaller drying kilns
  • Drying of woods which can be dried easily


No too high requirements at control comfort, control -, documentation and monitoring possibilities Small initial costs

Tromatic® 205 AM in the overview


  • Complete wood moisture depended drying schedules can be entered. The drying program runs then automatically according the program targets.
  • Simple drying process program preparation by input of wood index, wood thickness and desired final moisture
  • Clear structured, wood moisture related display (LC display 2 x 40 digits)
  • Up to three wood moisture measuring points for the drying guidance
  • Drying guidance after single measuring point,  average value or the highest measuring point
  • One ot two climate sensors HT 68 or HY 66.4
  • Optimized control characteristic with process dependent valve positioning for the minimization of the energy consumption
  • Variable speed drive can be controlled, however only with fixed reversing times
  • Extended, extensive safety program to protect the dried timber against damages
  • Plain language announcement in the standard languages German, English or French. Further languages according to agreement.