Tromatic® 305 AM

Tromatic® 305 AM - The universal model

This professional control system has besides a fully automatic time-oriented computer system with data monitor and plain language operation by an extra large LC display with 240 x 138 digits. Complete drying schedules with automatic, time or wood moisture-dependent process can be entered. The entire drying process can be driven time-oriented or alternatively according the 5 wood moisture measuring points. A program memory for 5 freely programmable drying schedules increases the control comfort enormous.

Particularly suitable for:


  • More elevated requirements with regard to control comfort 
  • If you also want to dry sometimes after time-dependent drying schedules
  • Drying kilns of arbitrary size
  • Middle price segment

Tromatic® 305 AM in the overview


  • Complete wood moisture dependent drying schedules can be entered. The drying program runs then automatically according the program targets
  • Compete time based drying schedules can be entered
  • Simple drying process program preparation by input of wood index, wood thickness and desired final moisture
  • Clear structured, wood moisture related display and settings (EMC - drying gradient). Extra big LC Display with 240 x 138 digits
  • Up to five wood moisture measuring points for the drying guidance
  • Drying guidance after single measuring point, average value or the highest measuring point
  • The measuring points can be disabled to influence the drying process
  • One or two climate sensors HT 68 or HY 66.4
  • Program memory for five free programmable drying programs with simple recall
  • Programs can be repeated
  • Optimized control characteristic with process dependent valve positioning for the minimization of the energy consumption
  • Reversing timer
  • Control of variable speed drive and pole-changing circulating air fans
  • Time and date for documentation
  • Drying time prognosis for chamber planning
  • Extended, extensive safety program to protect the dried timber against damages
  • Multilingual control dialogue