Tromatic® 310 GM

Tromatic® 310 GM - The most sold control system

The Tromatic® 310 is the most sold control system and the "Nonplusultra" of control engineering for a single drying kiln. This control system is among other things also suitable for control of steaming chambers. Automatic program preparation makes this control system an indispensable instrument of each experienced "timber drying operator". Apart from the advantages of the Tromatic® 305 GM this control system has the patented phantom measuring point. This comprehensive control engineering guarantees a drying process after constant climate.

Particularly suitable for:


  • Any drying requirement
  • Who knows to estimate total control comfort
  • Drying kilns and steaming chambers of any size and type
  • Upper price segment


Tromatic® 310 GM in the overview


  • Complete wood moisture dependent drying schedules can be entered. The drying program runs then automatically
  • Complete time based drying schedules can be entered
  • Simple and automatic drying process program preparation by input of wood index, wood thickness and desired final moisture
  • Clear structured, wood moisture related display and settings (EMC - drying gradient). Extra big LC Display with 240 x 138 digit
  • Up to 7 wood moisture measuring points for the drying guidance
  • Drying guidance after single measuring point, average value or the highest measuring point
  • The measuring points can be disabled to influence the drying process
  • Drying is also possible without any measuring points
  • Phantom measuring point - BES Bollmann patent
  • One or two climate sensors HT 68 or HY 66.4 
  • Program memory for 10 free programmable drying programs with simple recall
  • Programs can be repeated
  • Intermediate conditioning phase
  • Optimized control characteristic with process dependent valve positioning for the minimization of the energy consumption
  • Reversing timer
  • Control of variable speed drive and pole-changing circulating air fans
  • Control of printer or writer
  • Time and date for documentation
  • Drying time prognosis for chamber planning
  • Extended, extensive safety program to protect the dried timber against damages
  • Setting of a future starting time
  • Simple menu guidance
  • Multilingual control dialogue