Tromatic® 810 PC

Tromatic® 810 PC is equal to drying success

With the Tromatic® 810 PC the user enters a completely new dimension of the drying of timber. If there is such a thing like a formula 1 in the drying control, then this system has the pole position in each comparison. Because you program, control and supervise easy up to 32 drying kilns by a central PC as fast and efficient as never before. By modem and a remote program even remote control and remote maintenance are possible at any time. With up to 50 phases each drying process can be adapted without any problems to the most diverse wood as well as customer requirements.

Particularly suitable for:


  • Cross-linking, central controlling and monitoring of several drying kilns
  • Core temperature measurement (heat treatment)
  • Drying- and steaming chambers of each size and type
  • Who attaches importance on highest possible comfort


Tromatic® 810 PC in the overview


  • Central control and monitoring of up to 32 drying kilns
  • Clear representation of all current drying parameters at the screen
  • Simplest menu guidance in accordance with Microsoft Windows standard
  • Simple and automatic drying process program preparation by input of wood index, wood thickness, start and desired final moisture
  • Integrated wood table with dry-relevant data
  • Drying process can be split in up to 50 phases
  • Time -, program and wood moisture phases can be combined at will
  • Intermediate conditioning phases are possible
  • Standard programs are arbitrarily extending and alterably
  • Start with warming up phase and exact point of starting time possible
  • Dialogue humidity selectable between EMC, relative humidity, wet temperature or difference temperature
  • Direct announcement of the total drying time and the phase time
  • Drying time prognosis for chamber planning
  • Graphic and numeric representation of drying programs and drying processes
  • Simply archiving and recalling of drying programs, limited only by the harddisk capacity
  • Up to 14 wood moisture measuring points for the drying guidance
  • Drying guidance after single measuring point, average value or the highest measuring point
  • The measuring points can be disabled to influence the drying process
  • Drying is also possible without any measuring points
  • Core temperature measurement for heat treatments. Direct reading at the screen as well as logging. 
  • One or two climate sensors HT 68 or HY 66.4 
  • With two climatic sensors you can measure after the average value, the maximum value or reversing with the air direction 
  • Optimized control characteristic with process dependent valve positioning for the minimization of the energy consumption 
  • Control of variable speed drive and pole-changing circulating air fans 
  • Reversing time of the fans can be entered at will and amended at and time 
  • Per day two time periods for the sinking of the rpm of the fans can be entered (sound reduction, avoidance of current peaks etc..) 
  • Extended, extensive safety program to protect the dried timber against damages 
  • When desired the fault signals can be sent via SMS to your mobile 
  • It is possible to direct alerts to a horn, signal light etc. 
  • User language freely selectable from 15 different languages (D, GB, F, E, I, P, RU, BG, FIN etc.)