Timber drying technology

Timber drying is a matter of confidence

Wood is naturally drying in the open air. The surrounding climate follows mostly different laws than the one of the decreasing wood moisture. Which means that open air drying can be extremely long and the required moisture content for many products is hard to achieve.

Wood drying is a matter of trust

On the other hand, the drying technology in kilns of BES Bollmann is based upon scientific computer programs in which the complete drying cycle is individually controlled and analysed.

In hardly another discipline in the wood working, experience plays such an important role as in the timber drying. Wood is such a various material and occurs in the nature in an unbelievable diversity of species like hardly another material. Our experience is your competition advantage.

Irrespective of whether your company is located in Europe or on the other side of the globe, and irrespective of the types of wood you process, we can provide you with the right drying equipment. Planning and constructional work is undertaken strictly in accordance with your wishes.

Our engineers leave no stone unturned to come up with a solution that suits your purposes - immaterial whether you load and unload with fork-lift trucks or with rail cars, etc. Owing to a cleverly designed modula system and to a wide variety of models, your Bollmann kiln can be easily adapted to handle any type of sawn timber.

Fresh air - exhaust air drying kilns

For decades dominating market

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Energy saving
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About Pallets

Fast and efficient heat treatment and drying. Something for you?
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High temperature drying kilns

For all kind of timber the best drying solution

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High Speed Kiln

Faster than fast drying wood with out newly developed highspeed drying chambers
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Steaming Chambers

Trends and customer's request determine the colour.

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Combined steaming drying kiln

A worthwile investment

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Condensation Kilns

Condesation drying, drying with heat pump
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Controlled pre-drying
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Conditioning chambers and halls

Exact final moisture also under unfavorable conditions
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Special drying systems

Bollmann engineering. We always find a solution
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