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Fast and efficient Heat Treatment and drying . Something for you?

Are you dealing more and more with customers who ask for pallets or packaging which has to be Heat Treated in accordance with ISPM 15? If so, we are happy to advise you how this can be done by your own management and at a low cost.

BES Bollmann kilns are supplied with special equipment and control systems for both fast drying and the heat treatment of pallets and packaging timber. Of course all BES Bollmann kilns comply with the UKWPMMP standards.

Independently if you want to dry wood for new pallets or only "HEAT TREATMENT" BES Bollmann has the correct solution for you:


  • Heat treatment and pallet drying kilns.
  • Tailor made for each number of pallets up to more than 3000 pallets per kiln.
  • Loading by fork lift truck or rail loaded.
  • Various heating systems: hot water, steam, or burner unit (gas, oil) with heat exchanger.
  • New: Heat treatment in tunnel concept directly behind your production line.
  • Intelligent, optimized control system for fast drying and heat treatment.
  • Turnkey projects can include wood fired heating plants from our sister company Kara Energy Systems BV.

For specific information about ISPM 15 in your country:

United Kingdom : In order to produce ISPM15 compliant packaging you must be a member of the UKWPMMP See:  www.timco.org


HT Dryingtunnel

Our latest development is a tunnel for drying as well as heat treatment (HT) of pallets.
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HT - Dryingkilns

HT- Kilns in any capaciti and performance
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ISPM 15 sensor test

Checking of the temperature sensors
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