Combined steaming drying kiln

A worthwile investment

Steaming is usually seasonally limited to a few months per year, a steaming chamber is however available the whole year and should be there fore also used.

From these considerations the combined steaming/drying kiln was developed. With this kiln you can steam in the steaming season and the rest of the year you can use it as a normal drying kiln. Thus you avoid that capital is not used in the most efficient way because for a storage hall or a fork-lift garage you usually find better solutions.


The advantages of a combined steaming/drying kiln are obvious:


  • Shorter amortization period
  • Better utilization of the operational funds
  • Reduction of the manipulation expenditure with steaming on stickers
  • Additional drying capacity


As only disadvantage the higher initial costs can be seen. As you can use this kiln throughout the whole year these costs will be earned back within shortest time. The result of the drying process result is as good as in a pure drying kiln. In contrast many of our customers state that the steaming result in a combined kiln is better than in a pure steaming chamber because of the air circulation.

In combined steaming/drying kilns we only use high temperature-steady fan aggregates and additional safety devices to protect the fan aggregates against early repairs and replacements.