Condensation Kilns

Condensation drying - Drying with heat pump

The condensation drying process, in former times still quite far common, was back-pushed in the last years ever more by the fresh air/exhaust air drying process.

It should be pointed out from the start, that this is also an evaporation drying process with a steam/air mixture and that is by no means a completely new process. The difference between this and the conventional process is that drying takes place at much lower temperatures. These low temperatures are due to technical and physical aspects of the refrigerant used in the condensation system.

With this drying process, too, recirculating air must be used to carry warmth to the timber and to remove the moisture released by the timber. This recirculating air operation is made possible by fans built into the dryer. Heat

exchangers in the condensation appliance or auxiliary air heaters outside this appliance produce the heat needed for evaporation.

The excess air is in the case of condensation drying precipitated on a cooling surface (condensing surface) and discharged into the open in the form of water.

This system, which operates according to the heat pump principle, offers adavantages of economy particularly where no cheaper heat source than electricity is available or only slow drying timber species as oak have to be dried.

BES Bollmann offers 6 differently large condensation devices from 420 to 4.535 litres condensation achievement per 24 hours.