High temperature drying kilns

For all kind of timber the best drying solution
A priority goal of the timber drying is to dry as quickly as possible, but there are substantial differences depending upon the timber species. BES Bollmann offers the suitable drying solution for each timber specie.


Especially suitable for the high temperature drying process are all quickly growing plantation woods of the southern hemisphere as for example pinus radiata and pinus elliiotta.

High temperature drying kilns are usually throughout track-fed and equipped with doors at both ends as the drying times are extremely short there and so the downtimes can be kept as short as possible. Such plants are built by BES Bollmann with a length of up to 40 m.


In high-temperature drying kilns only special lubricated motors are used. To ensure that the saturated air is exchanged quickly enough at temperatures of 90 °C to 120 °C, the air speed has to be more largely than 4 m/s in the timber stacks.

To hold the drying quality on a high level despite these high temperatures, BES Bollmann is heating up the kiln with steam and gets therefore a very high EMC in this phase. Large steam bath with steam pipes bring thereby the water to evaporation and minimize thus „the stress "of the timber in this phase.

Dozens of high-temperature drying kilns world-wide support the authority of BES Bollmann within this field.