Controlled pre-drying

If you have to dry large timber quantities of slowly drying timber species e.g. oak and/or an extremely high relative air humidity prevails, you should think about pre-drying in a pre-dryer.

Reasons why to choose a pre-dryer:


  • Minimization of the drying time in the drying kiln
  • Reduction of drying defects which might occur during the open air-drying.
  • Open air-drying is due to climatic conditions not always possible (e.g. rain time in tropical and subtropical regions)
  • More flexibility opposite customers due to reduced drying times in the drying kiln.
  • Reduction of the circulating capital by a smaller timber stock

Pre-dryers are usually large halls, which can be divided into different zones. Fans ensure the necessary air circulation through the stacks in the pre-dryer and by means of heating elements the temperature is held on a constant level. The energy consumption is small and the timber can be dried down to the fiber saturation point.