Steaming Chambers

Trends and customer's request determine the colour

Often special tricks must be used to obtain certain color effects. Especially steaming must be named in this connection. By this procedure you can affect the colour of the wood substantially. Most frequently steaming is used in the hardwood sector. Beech is with distance the most frequently steamed wood. The colours reach here from easily pink up to a low-red color. In addition, beside beech also other wood is steamed such as oak and robinie.


In the alpine region steamed resinous wood becomes ever more popular. Steamed spruce and larch are particularly in demand. By steaming the resinous wood receives a darker color and thus an "ancient look".

To be able to steam an appro-priate technical equipment is needed. Steaming takes place in a steaming chambers, which do not differ in the building method

of the chamber housing too much from conventional drying kilns. In order to make the steaming chamber vapour tight, special high-temperature resistant silicone and door rubber should be used.

Pure steaming chambers are divided into two different types:


  • Steaming chambers with direct steaming
  • Steaming chambers with indirect steaming


In steaming chambers with direct steaming a a steam pipe with low pressure saturated steam pro-vides the appropriate steam. The secret of steaming is to reach as fast as possible a temperature around the 90 °C as well as a saturated steam climate. Depending upon the desired colour this climate must be held for a certain time.


In the absence of a steam generator can be steamed also indirectly. With this procedure there is a water bath installed in the steaming chamber. In this water bath are heating pipes integrated to run over with either hot water, high pressure steam or thermal oil to bring the the water to evaporation. The result is the same, the financial expen-diture for such a steaming chamber is however larger.

If you are not going to steam the whole year you should consider the alternative of a combined steaming/drying kiln.